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Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Out, Update Adds Major Changes

Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Out, Update Adds Major Changes

Last week, Cloud Imperium Games announced a major update to their upcoming game Star Citizen, the 2.5 Alpha.

The update includes significant changes to the game’s universe, and adds three new ships along with the Grim HEX pirate base. It also covers a lot of gameplay balance tweaks and bug fixes.

Here’s what the official blog post reads, “”There’s plenty to discover at Grim HEX, including a pair of stores: Skutters is a guns and armor shop with a focus on energy weapons, and KC Trending is a new clothing store with unique merchandise, but that’s only the beginning. Grim HEX will continue to expand with future patches with the addition of a bar, criminal missions and outlaw racing area.”

It will also have a significant effect on Star Citizen’s faction system, as the players who choose to break and bend the laws will now spawn at Grim HEX pirate base instead of being with everyone else. The alleged criminals will also lose the ability to use Quantum Travel to reach Port Olisar after this update.

“Grim HEX is located deep in the Yela asteroid belt, and you’ll need to explore the region yourself to locate it. Or, just ask an outlaw… they’re a trustworthy sort!” the developer writes.

The update includes a ton of features and fixes, all of which you can go through on the official blogStar Citizen is supposed to be released sometime in 2016 for Windows and Linux platforms.


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