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Sneak Peek at India’s Changing Gaming Industry

Sneak Peek at India’s Changing Gaming Industry

In 2020, India won the number one position in mobile game downloads globally. Since then, the figures and graphs have been showing upward movements.

Besides mobile gaming, the casino industry is also flourishing in India. You’re sure to find a real money online casino that caters to your taste. Also, there are many physical casinos for binge playing. 

The trends have surged mainly during and post-pandemic, as tech developers are actively introducing games after games. Also, the industry is boosted by the proliferation of mobile devices and cheap internet plans.

Mobiles Gaming Taking Over

Mobile gaming holds the lion’s share when it comes to the gaming market in India. Factors like affordable smartphones and high-speed 4G data plans have made things lucrative to games. Another factor that attracts people is the ability to allow networking. Gamers can play games (while chatting on the same gaming app) with their friends and family.

Some of the most famous gaming titles are StarCraft II, Rocket League, and Counter Strike, to name a few. Hardcore games love to play action-packed, thrilling games.

Advertisers for gaming companies are targeting audiences who’re passionate about games in any form, especially online games.

Casino Gaming

In India, developers are striving to provide live dealer versions of famous games. Thanks to the legitimacy of online casinos in India.

The industry has grown from basic card-based games to impressive fantasy sports online. Players can enjoy lots of hyper-casual and casual games. While the law for land-based casinos is very hard, states where it’s legal are witnessing a huge fanbase.

NTF – The Future of Gaming in India

Many companies have surfaced over the past few years, looking to capitalize on the rise of Web 3.0 and the gaming boom. Some popular names in the list are MetaOneVerse, FanClash, and House of Gaming, to name a few. These companies have integrated NFT (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrencies into their offerings.

For example, Hefty Games of House of Gaming has been claimed to be India’s first NFT marketplace for e-sports and content (games) developers. Similarly, GameGods – is a social media platform that caters to games and those who’re enthusiasts of Web 3.0.

Final Words

The Indian gaming landscape is showing no signs of slowing. Most revenue in the industry comes from advertising, while a smaller part comes from user in-app purchases. At the same time, the government will be more active in regulating the industry due to its uncontrollable growth.

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