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Smartphone Showdown: Samsung Galaxy J7 Vs Moto G3

Smartphone Showdown: Samsung Galaxy J7 Vs Moto G3

Motorola has made an amazing return to the smartphone market with it’s Moto G series. Competitively pricing and stock android made the phones an instant hit. We now stand at the 3rd iteration in the series, the Moto G3, offering an upgraded hardware and software experience at the same price as before.

Seems like Motorola has win-win situation going for it, doesn’t it? Well, now we have a competitor vying for the same targeted audience as the Moto 3. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy J7, a mid-range smartphone boasting superior gaming capabilities. The 3rd gen Moto G is widely available in various regions worldwide and is available in single SIM or dual SIM options. The Galaxy J7 released first in China and more recently went on sale in India, and could be making its way to further markets. We’ll consider the key specs and more of each, including pricing, to show what they have to offer.

Watch the comparison video below followed by a written description.

Specs Overview:

Below you can see the side-by-side specs comparison of both the phones.

Screenshot (27)

Performance Benchmarks:

Now lets take a look at some performance benchmarks and see how the phones stack up. Our first test will use Antutu benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy J7


Moto G3


As you can see the Samsung J7 wins here with a score of 37906, while the Moto G3 scores 22693.

Now lets test these phones in terms of gaming. We’ll run the 3DMark benchmark for mobiles and see the results.


Once again the Samsung J7 outperforms the Moto G3, and the results are consistent across various benchmark titles.

Camera Performance:

Lets now compare the cameras on both the phones and see which one gives better quality pictures. We’ll be using Camspeed which compares picture quality in different lighting conditions. It also compares shutter speeds.


Well this time, the Moto G3 wins by a small margin. Though you should keep in mind that the J7 comes with an LED flash with the front camera, and that might be important for you if you take a lot of selfies.


Samsung Galaxy J7 (16 GB) :: Rs. 14,999

Moto G3 (16 GB) :: Rs. 12,999


So in conclusion, you can clearly see that the Samsung Galaxy J7 outperforms the Moto G3 in terms of sheer performance and gaming. However, the Moto G3 has a superior camera. Plus the Moto G3 comes with stock Android and none of the bloatware that Samsung J7 will surely have. Both the phones are fairly priced and it’s finally up to you to decide which one suits your needs.

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  1. Hi,
    both phones are looking good.but samsung galaxy j7 has more good camera result then moto g3


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