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Slayaway Camp – Review

Slayaway Camp – Review

Slayaway Camp revels in its old school horror tropes mixed with a vibrant aesthetic that gives way to a fantastic puzzle game. Available now for the PC, PS4 and mobile devices, Slayaway Camp is developed by Blue Wizard Digital.

You play as Skullface, a serial murderer, intent on killing innocent victims at Slayaway Camp. You slide your way around levels, trying to reach your targets, and then make your way out via a portal. The game gradually introduces new twists and interesting mechanics that keep the gameplay interesting. Even when you feel like you’ve figured out what the game is all about, the developers manage to throw in some new ideas your way. You’ll eventually be taking on multiple targets, while trying to avoid cops, and it becomes a lot like navigating a maze.

While the game shows off deaths in glorified death animations, it also presents them in a really comical manner. Characters are huge, blocky and personable. Seeing them panic, flee and eventually die often feels hilarious and morbid at the same time. The game never lets up on this dark tone they take, and by sticking with it, they actually deliver on a clever yet funny gameplay experience.

Slayaway Camp is an immensely fun puzzle game that really delivers an enjoyable experience. It’s a great game on consoles, and it’s even better to carry around and play on your phone while commuting.

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