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Skill Based Video Games at Casinos – A Combination of Skill and Gambling


The first video game created in 1958 by Physicist William Botham, was a highlight feature for Brookhaven National Laboratory Visitor Open House event that year.

The first video game Tennis for Two was played on an oscilloscope, with a miniature five inch screen, which displayed thin blue lines looking similar to Pong. In those days, programmers could not create different types of games because of the limited processing power of computers. But today’s new technology allows the programmers to put their imagination to reality. In the past few years, efforts have been made by the programmer to accommodate the traditional video games which have fallen out of classification by creating new gaming categories and genres.

Taking a step forward, technology helped video games enter the world of brick and mortar as well as online casinos. Gambling is usually considered to be a luck based activity, but now players can earn money by combining luck and skill through a new range of skill based game gambling, invading casinos all across the world. These skill based games offer a close amalgam between video gaming and online gaming where the player is rewarded for his skills rather than pure luck, as an alternative to tried and tested luck and chance based games like slots.


What is Video Game Gambling? 

While playing a regular video game,  either you are playing to complete the game with high scores or just to impress your  friends, now imagine instead of just completing your game or impressing your friends, you are playing to make a high score to win some money. This is the video game gambling concept, where players get a reward for performing well in the game, based on their own performance and skills.

This is totally different and in contrast to slots, which is a popular game in the casino world. Whether you are a newbie or a hardened veteran, your luck will be the same, there’s no way for your win to be guaranteed. 

When a skill element is introduced, it makes the game more challenging and attractive for the player to play the game on a regular basis with a mastered skill.

Video Game Gambling could be the industry’s next big thing:

Video game gambling can be seen as an ultimate destination for the approach of gamification, throughout the casino industry, for both, online casino as well as land based casinos.

In the online casino space, gaming elements are unfurled everywhere, which have an impact on the engagement, loyalty and growth of the industry. By gamification, video game gambling takes it a step forward. Games offered in video game gambling give a continuous momentum to the player’s action, rather than a slot, where player participation and engagement is minimal. Games for video game gambling are designed with a similar economics as slot machines to keep the players coming back for more.

The time is not far away when video game gambling could be the industry’s next big thing as it started to appear on both brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos.

Revolution in Gaming Industry with Skill Based Gaming:

In the gaming industry, video games are the newest form of online betting which are attracting many casual video game players into the betting markets. For example, NetBet the UK based casino specialises in online gambling, sports, casino, poker, lottery, etc. and has access to every major gambling game.

Skill based gaming has already started rolling out in the land based casinos. The first generation of skill based gambling video games were launched in the land based casinos of Atlantic City, at the end of 2016. Some stocks of these gaming machines were taken by Atlantic City resorts, which included a classic shooter game Danger Arena. This was the first ever game of this genre to hit the casino floor.

These types of games could be the next behind the shift in the gaming behaviour of the players, by giving them an extra point of engagement, where they can improve their skills, achieve a better score, or beat their friends score and with all this giving them an opportunity and ability to win money in a similar fashion as they win by playing a regular slot machine.


Video games, with a market base of massive youth population, are a part of multibillion dollar gaming industry. To attract new players and engaging them to the world of online gaming and gambling, skill based video games can provide yet more ammunition to their bid.

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