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Signtist Is A Brainy Puzzle That You Must Play

Signtist Is A Brainy Puzzle That You Must Play

The smartphone market is riddled with puzzle games and apps, so much so that it’s hard to differentiate the shovelware from the shining gems. It’s among those gems that Signtist truly shines and stands out as a brilliant word puzzle with some really unique elements.

The premise is simple, and easily approachable by both adults and young kids, with a huge educative potential. You swipe across a grid of letters to form words.

Ever noticed how we inadvertently form a pattern while typing an SMS? Signtist does the opposite! It gives you a pattern and asks you to guess the word. It’s that simple!

The player has to crack the pattern and focus on getting the word right. The concept is the reverse of typing a word on your mobile phone therefore; there is a familiarity aspect to the game. It requires intelligence and fast decoding skill.

The game truly is built upon a fresh new idea, and is absolutely worth playing, specially so if you enjoy a fun challenge.

Be sure to try their game, its available for free on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, and is ad free!

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