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The TEAS exam score is required by some nursing schools as a part of their admission process. If you want to get into the health science field, you will have to take the TEAS certification exam. The TEAS exam is one hurdle that stands on the way of many aspirants who want to get into a nursing school. If you are searching for some minor details about the TEAS exam, this article has everything you need.

Overview of the TEAS Exam

The TEAS exam is designed to check a student’s readiness for enrolling the health science field. It is proctored by the Assessment Technologies Institute. The Teas certification exam is the basic requirement to take admission in the allied health school or nursing. Studies show that there is a regular link between a student’s reaction on the TEAS test and upcoming academic awards.

Before we talk about other details of the exam, we would like to share some brief information on getting into a nursing school.

  • The minimum requirement for getting into a nursing school is high school education. Nursing schools won’t accept you that easily, you need the passion for nursing and all the necessary prerequisites to get going.
  • Your profile should look awesome! By awesome we don’t mean the design but the things you have achieved. Your chance of getting into a good nursing school will brighten up if you have say, volunteered at a local clinic or hospital.
  • If you have not started searching for different nursing school requirements, then go ahead and start the research as soon as possible. Different nursing schools have different programs and only you know which will be better for you.
  • Take the TEAS test as it is one of the basic requirement to enroll in a nursing school.
  • Next step is to apply to your chosen nursing program.
  • Finally, you will be called for an interview once your application is accepted. Be prepared for that.


The TEAS exam format is similar to other standardized tests. The test consists of 170 questions that are set up in a multiple-choice format with 4 options to choose from. You will get a total of 209 minutes to answer the questions. The questions will be based on the basic academic skills needed to perform in a class. It mainly comprises of the following sections:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Language and Usage

Detailed Format:


  • The reading section consists of 53 questions.
  • Out of which:
    • 22 are based on key ideas and details
    • 14 are related to craft and structure
    • 11 will test the integration of knowledge and ideas
    • 6 will be pre-test questions.
  • The reading section will consume 64 minutes.


  • The Math section consist of 36 questions.
  • Out of which:
    • 23 questions will be based on number and algebra.
    • 9 questions will cover the measurement and data part.
    • 4 will be pre-test questions.
  • The math section will consume 54 minutes approx.


  • The Science section consists of 53 questions.
  • Out of which:
    • 32 questions will be based on Human anatomy and physiology.
    • 8 questions will cover Life and Physical Sciences topic.
    • 7 will test your scientific reasoning skills.
    • 6 will be pre-test questions.
  • The science section will consume 63 minutes.

English and Language Usage:

  • This section consists of 28 questions.
  • Out of which:
    • 9 will be related to conventions of standard English.
    • 9 will be test your knowledge of the English Language.
    • 6 will test your vocabulary skills.
    • 4 will be pre-test questions.
  • This section will consume 28 minutes.

If you add the number of questions, the total will be 170 and the adding the number of minutes will result to 209 minutes.

How to register for the exam?

  • You will need to create a user account from atitesting.
  • The next step is to login using your user name and password into the ATI portal and select online store.
  • You can either choose “Register for the TEAS” through a school or “Register for the TEAS with PSI”. PSI is a testing center.
  • Then you will have to pay the testing fees. You will get a confirmation email from ATI after that.
  • During the registration process, you will be asked to choose and institution. Select the school of your choice because the transcript of your ATI test result will be sent to the school you will select. You can choose more than one school by paying extra fee.
  • If you register for the TEAS through a PSI testing center, then you will need a student id. You can find that Id in your confirmation email sent from ATI.
  • Next, you will receive an email from PSI that will give you a link to schedule your exam.

What is the ATI TEAS Exam like?

The TEAS exam will be conducted in a standardized atmosphere like a school or a testing center. The exam will be overseen by a proctor, a person that strictly enforces the testing protocols. Proctors and invigilators are the same officials.

What are the essential things needed on a test?

  • You will need a photo ID. A photo ID can be anything like a driver’s license, passport, green card or anything that is authenticated by the government. A credit card photo or student ID will not be considered.
  • You will need two number 2 pencils with erasers attached to them. You would not be allowed to bring any other writing instruments.
  • You are taking the online TEAS test then do not forget to have your log-in information with you.

Exam Preparation and Result:

ATI Nursing education provides self-guided study materials to help you prepare well. You can find the materials in their official website and on PrepAway. The result of the TEAS test will be shown immediately if you take the online test. If you took the offline test, then ATI will score the test within 48 hours of receiving it from the testing center.  

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