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Saved Games on Google Drive? Here’s How You Can Back up the Files Locally

Saved Games on Google Drive? Here’s How You Can Back up the Files Locally

The Google Apps suite is undoubtedly one of the most popular productivity tools that is used around the world by individuals and businesses like. After all, it is bundled with all kinds of programs and features that you could possibly need for a simple cloud-based work environment. 

One of the most amazing features of using Google Apps is Google Drive, which is essentially a cloud storage system for storing and accessing the files on the go. You can use it for keeping safe all kinds of data and files including the saved files of your computer games, especially casino games like online roulette, poker, etc. That said, you need to be careful with the product as there are many misconceptions about its features.

Many people mistake the local Google Drive folder in their system for a backup of their files on the cloud. The truth is that the folder just serves a reference system for the actual files stored in the cloud. In other words, the files and folders displayed in the local Google Drive folder are actually the links to the actual files which are only stored on the Google Drive online. Thus, if you will delete a file from the online Google Drive it will be deleted permanently (unless it is sent to the Trash folder) and won’t show on your local drive either. Thus, if you don’t want to lose your saved files that maybe include the 500+ hours you put in Skyrim Special Edition or your progress in SimCity because of things like data breaches, corruption of online backup or cloud storage, etc. then it’s important that you create an actual backup of all your documents.

Creating a Backup Using Google Vault

Google Vault is a special online storage service that allows you to store, search, and export your files in an online storage vault. Since this service works separately from the Google Drive service, you can create an actual backup which can be used for disaster recovery in case you lose your files on the Google Drive.

Google Vault offers a number of features such as:

  • Email and Chats Archives: You can archive your emails and online chats, and also control how long your chats and emails are retained, what dates are to be considered, etc. You can even create your own specific policies.
  • Quick Searching: Google Vault is powered by Google Search engine, which is why you can find whatever content you are looking for in your stored archives efficiently and quickly.
  • eDiscovery: It allows you to seek and find information in an electronic format easily. This can come in handy in legal matters and investigations.

Google Vault is a good option for gamers who have a limited amount of data, which is not particularly sensitive. You can use it to save the save files of your games. You can use Google Drive to back up entire video games that you have purchased. 

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