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Ryan Reynolds To Play Lead Role In Upcoming Rainbow Six Movie (Rumor)

Ryan Reynolds To Play Lead Role In Upcoming Rainbow Six Movie (Rumor)

After spearheading writers rooms on Transformers and Hasbro properties at Paramount Pictures, Akiva Goldsman has relocated and now would be working on new projects which will include Rainbow Six, an adaptation of the Tom Clancy bestseller that focuses on the mercenary John Clark character originated in Clancy’s Jack Ryan novel series. Sources said loose discussions have taken place with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to possibly develop this as vehicle for him to play Clark. Goldsman will produce.

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The Clark character has shown up in the Jack Ryan films Clear and Present Danger(Willem Dafoe) and The Sum of All Fears (Liev Schreiber). The studio in the past has tried without luck to turn Clark into a franchise character. Now that Paramount moved the Jack Ryan franchise from films to a TV series that will star John Krasinski, there is a vacancy for a grounded, hands-on action hero. Paramount owns the Clancy series, and the expectation is that in success, Rainbow Six would be followed by the origin tale Without Remorse.

Although Ryan Reynolds has starred in many action films but they have not been considered as great movies they were mostly average. We know he is a great actor but he has a wonky history about picking projects. We just hope that we don’t add another movie to our ‘Shitty movies based on video games’ list.

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