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How Did Rummy Serve As An Integral Part Of The Entertainment During The Pandemic?

How Did Rummy Serve As An Integral Part Of The Entertainment During The Pandemic?

How Did Rummy Serve As An Integral Part Of The Entertainment During The Pandemic?

In India and across the globe, rummy is a top-rated card game. The game has been providing productive entertainment to card game lovers for centuries. However, during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, people missed playing rummy with their friends and family, especially those living alone. The pandemic put various restrictions on people’s movement and stopped them from socializing. Fortunately, the online platforms didn’t disappoint, and online rummy games were made available. 

Online rummy apps were downloaded in large numbers, and people couldn’t get enough of the game. The online variant of rummy is similar to the traditional card game in terms of the rules. Fifty-two cards are used for the game and four suits. Players have to meld thirteen cards in the proper sequence to win the game. A few twists in the online rummy version keep players interested. For instance, each game session is limited to five minutes, and there’s a countdown timer. Players need to try and score the highest within a limited time. Therefore, it is a race against time and a clash with the opponents. Moreover, players can participate in multiplayer tournaments to earn money and big rewards. 

Here’s how rummy entertained people throughout the pandemic. 

  • Online rummy games can be played anywhere and whenever 

The pandemic put restrictions on social gatherings. Therefore, people weren’t allowed to meet their friends or family. Traditionally, the rummy game is played with four or more players, and they must be present in the same place. However, thanks to online rummy games, players did not need to wait for their loved ones to show up. Instead, they needed to download a rummy application and start playing it. They were randomly matched with real-life online players as soon as they hit play, and the head-to-head clash began. 

Moreover, online rummy games can be played whenever and wherever you like. So if you fancy a rummy game in the middle of the night, you will still find online players willing to participate. 

So, this is how people maintained their sanity during the pandemic. As they were sitting home and getting bored, rummy kept them company. While the pandemic restrictions are slowly being lifted, people continue to enjoy online rummy games because of their high accessibility and convenience. 

  • Participating in tournaments meant opportunities to earn real cash and rewards. 

Entertainment was only one aspect of playing rummy games. The online rummy games ran several tournaments and contests, allowing players to earn real cash rewards and prizes. 

So, if you are bored of playing practice games and are confident of your skills, you can move over to the tournaments and check out your competition. These multiplayer contests are intense battles where you can win if your score is higher than the other participants. 

Such online gaming tournaments offering cash prizes were helpful for everyone during the pandemic because things on the employment front were quite uncertain. Also, nobody ever hated a little extra cash at the end of the month, and that’s what these online rummy games offered. 

  • Online rummy games kept people occupied and prevented them from having stressful thoughts. 

When people are playing online rummy games, they fully concentrate on melding the thirteen cards before their opponent. Also, the game demands that players observe their opponent and track the cards they are discarding and picking up. Through keen observation, someone can turn from a newbie rummy player to an expert player. 

Therefore, the game demands a lot of concentration and focus. It was beneficial to play rummy during the pandemic when people’s minds were plagued with stressful thoughts about the uncertainty of life. Rummy saved people from giving in to such ideas and helped them survive. People forgot their stresses whenever the rummy game was open and only focused on winning it. They entirely concentrated on strategizing and getting one up on their opponent. 

  • Rummy kept the minds sharp and allowed people to make virtual friends 

It isn’t easy not to step out of one’s home, and nobody had ever thought they would go through such a situation in their life. However, nobody knew what to expect, and people are still worried because the coronavirus continues to affect the lives of millions of people across the globe. 

During the pandemic, people were forced to adjust to a new way of living where they couldn’t even meet their friends or go over to their neighbors’ houses to have a good time. It slowly made their minds dull due to a lack of human interaction. 

Luckily, online rummy games came to the rescue. Even though they are online mobile games and are viewed as forms of entertainment, they also offer various benefits to the player. The most obvious is helping players keep their minds alert and sharp because the game is all about focus and concentration. Moreover, online rummy games give people the opportunity to make friends virtually. You can discuss your rummy strategies with them or even make plans to meet in person when the situation becomes better. 


The pandemic-induced lockdowns were probably one of the worst days in people’s lives, and online rummy games helped make things better. So if you haven’t played rummy yet, download the app and don’t forget to have fun. You must play several practice games before being confident enough to participate in tournaments to earn real cash. 


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