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Life At GC

Round Up November 2016: Game of Dorms, Nikhill Found Love and Manas Got Hitched

Life at GC: November 2016

Every month I sit down to write these Life at GC articles and every time I think to myself “Man, we didn’t do a whole lot this month“, but when I actually get to writing about the events I realize how much stuff actually went down on these occasions.

Game of Dorms at Shiv Nadar University

So we had a fairly productive month this time around and one of the biggest events had to be Game of Dorms that we had over at Shiv Nadar University. The college had us over for their 3 day fest where we held a FIFA 17 and DOTA Tournament as well as a Gamer Rebellion for the students. I handled the FIFA tournament, while Jasmeet took care of the DOTA tournament. Shrey and Sachith took care of the VR system that we had on showcase while Nikhill kept shuffling back and forth making sure he caught all the madness on camera.


We also got to eat some good food from all the stalls around and watched some good-ish bands take the stage and entertain us. Nikhill also found love here. Met this chick at the cafe and I did my wing-man part by making myself scarce. Needless to say Nikhill didn’t ask for her number and sulked about it later to me, a lot.

Were all college fests this kickass? #College #Fest #Concert #Lighthing #Music

A photo posted by Joash Cornelius (@joashcornelius) on

Y’all must have been wondering where Manas was during this event.


Yep we had the same reaction too.


Launch of the E-commerce Portal

For those of you that do not know, but we now sell shit on our website as well. Many people would come to our office thinking it was either a gaming cafe or a shop. So because many of you wanted this to happen, we have come through, yet again, and brought you people what you want.

So go ahead and check out our shop and treat yourself.


All in all a chill month at GC

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