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Ronnie Screwala, Owner of Pro Kabaddi League Team U Mumba To Launch E-sports League

Ronnie Screwala, Owner of Pro Kabaddi League Team U Mumba To Launch E-sports League

Last year, ESL invested a huge amount in Indian e-sports, bringing professional gaming to mainstream audiences. Now, the owner of Pro Kabaddi League franchise U Mumba, Ronnie Screwala, is launching his own e-sports tournament with an investment of INR 100 crores.

Known as Ucypher, the tournament will consist of 10 teams across the country, spanning various platforms like consoles, PC and smartphones. He confirmed it earlier today, saying, “We have been planning an esports league for a long time now. We were waiting for the correct time as there was not enough participation before. However, smartphones have changed the game for Indian esports. Also, with the introduction of fibernet and cheaper pricing of consoles, number of gamers are increasing in number everyday. There will be no franchise selling in the first year, but yes we are targetting TV broadcasting.”

Following the Pro Kabaddi League pattern, the tournament will have two seasons in a year, with the prize pool being undisclosed. It is expected that the prize pool will be one of the biggest we have seen in e-sports in India. The format of the tournament and the games haven’t been announced yet, but if global trends are an example, games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, FIFA, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans among be the frontrunners among those up for selection.

Stay tuned for more updates. No matter what the tournament entails, it is definitely going to provide a huge boost to the Indian e-sports scenario, considering the fact the involvement of UTV means that the games may get TV broadcast treatment as well.

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