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Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder – Review

Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder – Review

Rock of Ages 2 brings back all the humor, tower defense and hilariously inaccurate plot style from the previous game, and steps it up a notch in every way imaginable. ACE Team’s original Rock of Ages was lauded for the great gameplay, quirky mechanics, and tons of clever dialogues. Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder pretty much delivers on exactly what the name stands for. It’s bigger and there’s most definitely a boulder.

You play as Atlas, who, after accidentally dropping the World on his shoulders, ends up in a clash against major historic figures – both fictional and nonfictional – such as Joan of Arc, King Henry VIII, Don Quixote, and so on. While the plot might seem thin at first, it’s laden with hilarious writing through and through, complimented by goofy cutscenes.

You are equipped with a giant rock that you need to smash through the enemy’s defences, but there’s a ton of tower defence elements that make up a bulk of the gameplay. Both sides try to roll their boulders into the other’s fortifications, and must build traps and obstacles to defend their own. You have a variety of tools at your disposal – build walls, catapults, or even mount whales upright to suck in the enemy’s boulder.

There’s also a fair variety to the boulders themselves – high velocity + low impact, low velocity + high impact, painted boulders that leave a mark on enemy territory, and preventing them from building for a short time. For a game all about rolling boulders, there’s a surprising amount of depth involved.

The villains are also well designed in the game’s cardboard-cutout art style, and have a lot of personality to them. The situations presented are always funny, and backgrounds are designed in a way to reflect that humorous tone. The game gets even more enjoyable in the 4 player multiplayer, and is especially fun with friends.

Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder doesn’t make many changes since the original, but is still exactly what fans will want, while being a solid entry for new-comers.

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Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder

Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder









          Fun Quotient



            • Witty Humor
            • Ridiculously Enjoyable Situations
            • Fun Gameplay
            • Tons Of Historical Figures To Fight


            • Minor AI issues

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