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Rian releases new Translation Platform using AI

Rian releases new Translation Platform using AI

Rikaian Technology is a Pune Based Company which has developed a translation tool called Rian. It uses Artificial Intelligence to translate text, leaving only refinements to be completed with the high-quality human review. It simplifies the end-to-end translation process and can  therefore be used as a means to create jobs.

Just like technology resulted in disruption of every industry from entertainment to healthcare, the automation of translation has changed the way traditional translators work. Studies from Common Sense Advisory and JuxtConsult have found that over three-quarters of Indians prefer to consume products and content in their native language.

According to FICCI it is estimated in the next couple of years regional language users will account for 75% of India’s total user base. Localisation will be imperative to support this significant proportion of users. Because Rian is specially tailored to deal with Indian languages, it has an edge over all the other comparable products in terms of practical application.

Rian’s translation platform allows you to convert a wide variety of document types into and from over 40 languages. They include regional languages as well as foreign ones. The software can convert almost any file type (over 20 file formats) you throw at it, from Word documents to videos and everything in between. To facilitate users and help them through an already intuitive software, It includes features like online training, email and live support.

According to the statistics provided by the company, over 3000 users have registered with the service and over 50 millions words have been translated.

Rian is eager to hear from Indian locals ready to get started in the new automated translation industry. Do you want to know more? Register from the following link and we will reach out to you.



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