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Review: Tt eSPORTS Challenger Prime RGB Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Review: Tt eSPORTS Challenger Prime RGB Keyboard And Mouse Combo

The Challenger Prime RGB Combo from Tt esports is a pretty nifty keyboard and mouse combo that attempts to take care of all your gaming needs. One step above the Commander combo, his package comes with RGB lighting, 1000 Hz polling rate for the keyboard, macro recording and a 3050 AVAGO optical sensor mouse.

One of the biggest upgrades that the Challenger brings to the Commander combo is the 6 programmable macro keys, a feature quite important to hardcore gamers. You can customize them as you like, but by default they select tabs 1-6 in your internet browser. It also provides you with a set of dedicated media keys on the right side as well as secondary functions that you can access by using the “Fn” key. The large dial in the middle can be used to adjust the brightness of the LED backlight. The left side has 6 keys as well, three letting you switch between three saved profiles followed by hotkeys for My PC, Mail and your browser Home page.

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Though the Challenger Prime comes with a membrane keyboard, the key caps are removable, thus making them more stable and resulting in more comfortable an quieter keystrokes. The lighting options are also fairly standard and fixed, including static, spectrum cycling, breathing and pulse. There is no option to enable per-key lighting. The colours are quite bright and vibrant. However, it is not possible to sync up the keyboard and mouse LED lighting.

The mouse in the combo comes in a low-arched shape, with a split front that houses the scroll wheel. By default, the mouse has four DPI settings (400/800/1600/3200) which can be toggled in between using the DPI switch key. It also comes with RGB lighting that cycle through the spectrum. However, you can set it to static by pressing the mouse wheel and the DPI switch button, fixing it to the colour that was cycling at that time. On the left side are two programmable buttons that by default perform the function of front and back in your internet browser.

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Though the software isn’t need to use majority ¬†of the functions, it indeed makes is more seamless and easier as you can manage your macros and profiles better. It gives you various options to record functions and set the backlight as per your requirements.

The Tt esports Challenger Prime Keyboard and Mouse combo provides a good all-round performance option, making your work and gaming experience both easier and much more convenient. It also comes with 10 key rollover support, meaning you can type as fast as your want.

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