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Review: Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Review: Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung might have screwed the pooch with the Galaxy Note 7, but they’re coming back, and they’re coming back strong. One of the latest additions to the Galaxy family is the C9 Pro, the mid-range beast of a smartphone. It is as fast and powerful as the Galaxy S7, Samsung’s flagship phone.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Key Tech Specs

  • 1.95GHz Snapdragon 653 Octa-Core Processor
  • 6GB RAM With 64GB ROM
  • 6 Inch FHD AMOLED Display
  • Dual Micro SIM
  • 16MP Camera With Dual Tone LED Flash
  • 16MP Front Camera
  • 4G VoLTE/WiFi
  • USB-Type-C
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 4000mAh Battery.

The Galaxy C9 Pro packs a powerful 1.95 GHz octa-core processor at its core. Not only that, this is also the only Samsung smartphone in the market right now that comes with 6 gigs of RAM and a USB Type-C connector. Though it was originally called to be the device that would replace the Note 7, it does much more than that. The looks might be a little reminiscent, but the device is surely more powerful.

The look and feel of the phone offer a completely premium experience with its metal unibody design. It is slim and comfortable to hold, though people may find the 6-inch screen a tad uncomfortable in the beginning. It’s a bit on the slippery side, so it might be a good idea to invest in a decent cover. Following Samsung’s conventional layout, the USB Type-C port and the 3.5 mm audio jack is provided on at the bottom along with the speakers and the mic, and you can find the volume keys on the left while the power button is provided on the right side. Unlike a lot of phones (fortunately), the Galaxy C9 Pro comes with two separate trays for the SIM cards and the micro SD card. These trays are provided next to the power button; the smaller tray is exclusive for the SD card, while the bigger tray houses two SIM cards. The phone offers support for dual micro SIM.

Similar to the Galaxy S7, the C9 Pro has the always on display feature and is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Looks like they’re saving 7 for the next phone. The screen is a massive 6-inch Full HD display and looks amazing with the native 1080p resolution. This super AMOLED display is one of the best Samsung has to offer, with vibrant colours and crisp contrast. The high brightness makes it extremely easy to use the phone when outdoors during the day.

The C9 Pro also comes with a 16 megapixel primary camera with dual LED flash, which is quite similar to the one on the A9 Pro. Overall the picture quality is quite satisfactory, though a slight improvement over the 13 megapixel cameras on Samsung phones.However, it does allow you to capture full HD 1080p videos. On the other side (literally), you have a 16 mega-pixel front camera, making sure your selfie game is always on-point. It’s probably one of the best front cameras offered by Samsung and is capable of taking decent pictures in low light conditions.

One of the best things about the Galaxy C9 Pro is the long battery life. It has a 4000 mAh lithium ion battery, which easily gives you about 2 days of normal usage with internet. It supports fast charging as well, so charging the phone to 100% when the battery is completely depleted takes less than 1.5 hours.

The fact that the phone is powered by an octa core 1.95 GHz processor and 6 GB RAM means that you can play any game you want (well, as long as it’s available for a smartphone). Whether it’s a casual race in Ashpalt 8 or a heated showdown in Mini Militia or Clash Royale, you won’t run into any problems. It can even run heavy and intensive games like N.O.V.A 3, without breaking a sweat. There’s a huge amount of space as well, with the phone offering 64 GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 256 GB with a microSD card. You can check the performances benchmark scores yourself in the pictures below:

The Verdict

The Galaxy C9 Pro attempts to correct everything that was wrong with the Note 7, and goes one step ahead. At the price point of INR 37,000, it is an absolute beast. The design, build, display and features have a premium feel, and the internal specs make sure the phone offers a flagship experience for a mid-range budget. If you want a powerful phone and the camera doesn’t mean make or break for you, the C9 Pro is an incredible choice.

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