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Review: GamDias Hebe M1 Gaming Headset

Review: GamDias Hebe M1 Gaming Headset

We generally don’t get to see a lot of GamDias products floating around in India, especially when it comes to headphones. But they’ve slowly been gaining more popularity as they add new products to their lineup. Today we take a look at the GamDias Hebe M1 Gaming Headset, which looks like a beast.


Sensitivity 119±3dB
Impedance 32 Ohm + / – 15%
Driver diameter 50mm
Microphone size Φ6*5mm
Microphone sensitivity -40db±3db
Microphone Pick up Pattern Unidirectional
Vibration Unit Size 30mm
Cable length 2m
Plug type Gold-plated USB plug
Dimension (LxWxH): 188 × 104 × 230 mm


The GamDias Hebe M1 gaming headset is a humongous beast of an over-the-ear RGB headset that lights up in all the right places. It comes with a metallic headband, which is sort of non-adjustable, in the way that it has a second cushioned bar beneath it that sits on your head, adjusting accordingly. I personally don’t prefer this design, but with the Hebe M1 it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The headphones are overall quite sturdy and well-built, with large ear cups that fit comfortably over the ears. The pads are leather covered, which are known to get sweaty over prolonged usage, but depending on how you use them, it leaves some breathing room for your ears, thus making a bit easier to use for long sessions. The size of the ear cups prevents them from being able to rotate, thus making them a part of the frame itself. Though it doesn’t exactly make a huge difference while using the headphones, it can pose a hindrance when you want to carry the headset around.

It comes with a dedicated audio controller as well, allowing you to adjust volume, lights, bass, and mute the mic. The microphone can be easily retracted and adjusted according to the user’s needs, with a flexible braided cable that is safely encased in a plastic shielding.  The cable of the headset is similar, braided and encased as well, total 2 metres in length. The RGB lighting cycles through the spectrum of colours, making it quite appealing visually, especially in a dark setting.


Playing games with the Hebe M1 is a blast. Playing games with the bass mode enhanced is mind-blowing. Considering that I’ve never used a headset that offers this feature, I was quite awestruck with the experience. FPS games specifically benefit from it, like DOOM or Battlefield 1, as the sound is crisp, the bass makes the sound of guns and bullets much more intense. Not to mention that DOOM’s majestic heavy metal soundtrack becomes so much more awesome, it’s almost eargasmic.  Like I mentioned before, despite the non-adjustable metal frame and the leather-y ear cups, the headphones are quite comfortable for long gaming sessions, meaning that you can spend all the time you want killing demons without worrying about your ears.

The microphone performs well too. It doesn’t pick up a lot of background noise, making it a great choice for multiplayer games like DOTA and Counter Strike. Communication with the team members goes on without issues. Also, did I mention that the headphones come with 7.1 virtual surround sound? Your enemies’ footsteps sound clear, making sure they never pounce on your from behind.

The Verdict

The Gamdias Hebe M1 Gaming Headset is a well-made accessory for gamers, casual and hardcore alike. It’s listed on for a price of $63, which is a steal, if you ask me. Whether you want to listen to music, watch some movies or play games for hours, it is up to the task and does that without causing any discomfort. For people on a budget and want a great pair of headphones, it doesn’t get better than this.

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  1. How do they do against the HyperX Cloud headsets? The Core, 1 and 2 models. Also, where are they available in India? I’ve been meaning to upgrade from my Steelseries Sibera V1s and was going to go for the HyperX Cloud or AudioTechnica Mx30.

    • Haven’t tried Cloud 2 myself, but if I remember correctly, it was much more expensive than the Hebe. Cloud Core has better quality. Same goes for Cloud 1, but the difference is very slight. I’ve found HyperX models to be a bit more comfortable in general, though. I like Hebe mainly because of the quality it offers at its price range. Plus, look at the pretty lights! 😛

      As far as availability is concerned, I think you may be able to buy the headset from our website. Just let us know which one you’re looking for

      • Pretty lights are cool and all when you have the extra dough but I’d much rather go for a decent product that has good build quality and performance when on a budget. How does the mic fare against the Cloud Core’s? Because I’m seriously considering those and if those can match that quality or are better at the same price point I wouldn’t mind going for these.


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