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Respawn Cup

Respawn Cup Round Up

Respawn Cup Round Up

So we are done with the first ever Respawn Cup which also was 2015’s First Global Offensive LAN Tournament in India and we would like to thank you all for your support in making this event a success. We would especially want to thank the teams that took part in the tournament, even those who came to just show to your support, we really appreciated it.


We had a great time being able to interact with teams, both professional and newly formed. We learnt a lot about the gaming community and more importantly the various twists and turns a tournament like this entails. Due to unfortunate turn  of events, like the failed servers (which is a prevalent issue here in India) we had to alter the tournament structure which resulted in increasing the winnings, which I guess isn’t a bad thing na? But nevertheless it did cause some amount of concern to the Bomaby teams and we wish this could have been avoided but given the time and circumstance this seemed like the best option. Instead of having the winner from Bangalore and Mumbai play each other, we decided to declare two winners for the whole tournament, one from each city. Virtual Impact was the winner from Bangalore and REKT Gaming was the runners up. A-Five was the winner from Bombay and Team Brutality was the runners up.

A shout out to FPS Gaming who participated in the Respawn Cup at LXG, Bangalore. We saw some great sportsmanship from the team even though one of their players, Prithvi, had a physical disability. He showed no lack in determination and is a true inspiration to many. Hat off to you bro, wish you the best and game on.

We saw other teams show their passion too as Lethal Boys drove all the way from Chennai to take part in the Respawn Cup in Bangalore. That’s a decently long trip to make, but they did that nevertheless and we’d like to commend you for effort guys.

REKT Gaming too need to be congratulated for their performance as they were a newly formed team and showed their dominance till the finals against  Virtual Impact.


The overall outcome of the event remained positive. We also had close to about a hundred people were viewing the matches via the twitch stream. We were overwhelmed with the response with we got with the live updates as well. Honestly we did not expect so many from our community to be involved with the proceedings from the event but we were glad to see the support you guys showed! You can see pictures from the event on our facebook page

NVIDIA and ASUS need to thanked for their support in making this event happen. Would also like to show our appreciation to all the portals that showcased our tournament and helped spread the word like IGN, Digit, AFK, Hardwarebbq we couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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