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Red Dead Redemption Remaster For PC, PS4 & Xbox One In The Making?

Red Dead Redemption Remaster For PC, PS4 & Xbox One In The Making?

According to a Korean website Game Focus, a remastered version for Red Dead Redemption has apparently been confirmed.

Here’s what the post on the website says (TRANSLATED) –

Masterpiece Action Adventure Game ‘Red Dead Redemption’ remastered version of the Korean painter was confirmed.

Red Dead Redemption game is rated up to me to represent a generation of consoles Playstation 3 and Xbox360 2010 years and is the title of a rock star representing the highly successful Games.

This game is continued rumors turned naondaneun a remastered version of the current generation of consoles. In fact, the remastered version is ready but unfortunately the fans have been making rock star Games is not an official announcement.

However, beginning in mid-August I heard a story that the sacraments of the Asian localizing Red Dead Redemption game industry in North America. The results of this check to multiple North American sources, is the parent company Take-Two has the PlayStation 4, the Asia localizing preparation of Red Dead Redemption remastered version of the game to Xbox One and PC, a rock star Games, and among them were confirmed to have been included Korean localizing (PlayStation 4, PC version of the Korean localizing confirmed, Xbox One version is unconfirmed)

Take two through the PlayStation Meeting held in New York 7 (Reuters North America) is expected to convey the news to come. The full launch is expected in time for the first half of 2017 also it remains dominant, but may change depending on the business plans of Take two.”

Though we can’t be sure about how much of the news is true and whether the game will actually be released (and when), but it sure gets our hopes up to be finally be able to play the wild west classic on present gen platforms.

Source: Game Focus

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