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Rain of Reflections Story trailer – Cyberpunk Noir Game for PC

Rain of Reflections Story trailer – Cyberpunk Noir Game for PC

Watch first trailer for cyberpunk RPG, Rain of Reflections

Swedish indie studio Lionbite Games proudly gives you an insight into the premise of cyberpunk role-playing game Rain of Reflections – with a first trailer.

For the past two years, Lionbite’s small but ambitious team has been hard at work crafting the cyberpunk inspired, dystopian world in Rain of Reflections, fleshing out concepts and engaging talented actors in bringing life to its characters.

Lionbite can finally show the result of the progress with a first trailer, focusing on the premise that sets the game’s choice-driven journey in motion.

This “story trailer” introduces the three main protagonists – Wilona, Dwennon and Imra – each with a unique perspective on the events that unfold. The player controls each one consecutively, shaping a unique story through choices along their intersecting paths.

Wilona, part of the societal upper class sheltered in the Stem, has faithfully been following in her father’s footsteps as a scientist, which has gotten her involved in experiments on human children.

Dwennon is a private investigator drifting in the shadows of his own past, retreated to one the city’s more rugged urban areas, called the Cluster.

Imra is a prominent part of the Infrareds, a resistance group struggling against the oppression, holed up in a bunker referred to as the Root.

More information together with screenshots is available at the official homepage,

About Rain of Reflections

Rain of Reflections is an atmospheric, cyberpunk flavored role-playing game. Its turn-based strategic confrontations are uniquely centered around a morale mechanic. Every move and choice made by the player as the three different protagonists is permanent and will have consequences on the world and its characters.

Rain of Reflections is aimed for a debut on PC during 2018, with additional platforms considered for a later release.

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