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PS4 Slim To Release On 14th September

PS4 Slim To Release On 14th September

Whether it’s hardware or a new video game title coming up, leaks are inevitable. The smaller, cost cutting model of the PS 4, the PS4 Slim is rumored to be released  on 14th September, after pics of the same being leaked earlier on the internet. Auction listings for the PS4 Slim were first seen on Gumtree, which was then followed up by ThisGenGaming who were then told by the person who put the auction up that the console will be announced on 7th September, and released on the 14th.


Several listings for the PS4 Slim have been spotted since then, with a few people managing to get their hands pretty early on it. It exists, people, and here’s what we know about it:

  • No 4K or UHD Playback – Unlike the Xbox One S, the slimmer sibling of the PS 4 will not offer any UHD or 4K playback options.
  • It features a similar pull-out hard drive bay similar to the PS3 super slim.
  • HDMI only, no optical out port for audio.
  • The console comes with 500 GB hard drive.
  • About 15% smaller than the original PS 4.
  • Physical power and eject buttons.

All the specs haven’t been released officially by Sony yet, but we can expect more on 7th September at Sony’s Playstation Meeting. The expected price is supposed to be about $299 or less, though it’s possible than the PS4 Slim may go as low as $249, considering that it doesn’t offer 4K playback capabilities, thus making the Xbox One S the cheapest option to get the feature at about $299. Stay tuned for more updates.

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