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The PS4 Isn’t Perfect, And Sony Doesn’t Seem To Care

The PS4 Isn’t Perfect, And Sony Doesn’t Seem To Care

Sony’s PS4 is definitely one of the best consoles of the century, especially with numerous first-party exclusive that plays with your emotions as if they were a video game. Huh, ain’t that a sweet little paradox?

Setting paradox’s aside, PS4 is a great console for the casual and hardcore players alike. I’m compelled to believe that it is a perfect, yet there are some things that impede me from doing so, and todayI shall be elaborate on those very things.

  1. Inconveniently long calls to customer service just for a refund

It often occurs to me that a game which appears to be attractive at first sight does not surpass my basic expectations. In such a situation, I obviously wish for a refund, but as if it was that easy. Hours-long calls, threats to get banned and what not to get your money back.

  1. ID Change

We all have created online IDs in past that we’d be ashamed of to hear now and Sony just won’t let you escape your past. Actually, that’s not the case. They do make a few valid points on the subject such as “trophies and friend list are associated with the ID”. But they need to change it because we do not wish to be depressed every damn time we see it.

  1. Actual and proper backward compatible with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP

Microsoft has a done a rather fantastic job with backwards compatibility on Xbox One. We can’t wait to see the same on PS4 and relive those precious memories we had with previous PlayStations.

  1. Cross-platform multiplayer with other consoles

Cross-platform multiplayer has been the dream of gamers since the dawn of online gaming so they could resolve their differences and unite as gamers. Although baby steps were initiated in the desired direction, Sony has defended its decision to block cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One.

  1. Free online gaming just like PC

This is just a pipe dream and appears far from reality. Yet we will not lose hope for free online multiplayer. Some would argue that why Sony should give free multiplayer when Microsoft charges for it on the Xbox. Well, on the Playstation 3 multiplayer used to be free, and the Playstation Plus subscription actually had better free games almost every month. Now it’s just random draw, and you’re as likely to get a bad selection of games as a good one.

With Microsoft making significant consumer friendly changes to the Xbox eco-system, including easy refunds, backwards compatibility, it’s sad to see Sony doing nothing simply because they’re at the top right now.

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