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Most Popular Online Casino Games


In todays’ world technology rules and as that technology advances creators and developers are also stepping up to the challenge. 

This has led to traditional pastimes moving online and the gambling market has been immensely successful with online casinos offering all the variety and features that any player could want. Of course, there will always been a need for the land-based venues, but right at this moment its online that is showing the most growth. 

We all lead busy lives and this has led us to preferring those things that are convenient – that includes being able to play our favourite games whenever and wherever we happen to be. Mobile casinos, especially payforit casino sites allow players to source their games at will in a safe and secure environment where it is not necessary to give any banking details as games are funded by the monthly phone bill or deducted from a pay-as-you-go account – a big plus for those concerned about identity fraud. 

So, has this move online influenced which games are played?

Luckily, online casinos are so advanced that pretty much every casino game is available in many variations – even if internet connections are lost – games will be remembered as will any wins meaning that no money will be forfeited – you can even play your games when you cannot get online and just check how you did when you can (bingo lovers never want to miss out on a game.)


Slots are undoubtedly one of the most favourite games online – there have been some truly amazing wins recorded on those progressive slots where the jackpot grows as more people play – it’s no wonder they are one of the most popular form of slot game. 

Themed video slots are loved by many with music, movies, television shows being a few choices. These type of slots games have authentic video and music clips which marry up the theme with the slots allowing a player to revisit a favourite movie for example. 

Players can also enjoy traditional slots games with all the features that have helped them stand the test of time, moving them into the future. 


Roulette remains one of the most popular games where strategies can be tried out as chips are placed. Online there are many variations of the game including European, speed and American versions – so there is something for everyone. Online roulette can also be enjoyed live, being streamed to your screen from a real bricks and mortar venue, with live croupiers and played in real time.


One of the most favourite of all card games, poker also have its variations with Texas Hold’em being one of the most popular versions of the game. As a game of skill poker can also be played live with other players challenging them to outwit their opponents to win the pot. 

Above are only three of the most popular online casino games – once you begin to check out sites you will see that there is a wide selection of games to choose from which means that you won’t be disappointed when it comes to choice, entertainment and value. 

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