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PokerBaazi – The Name Synonymous with Innovation in Online Poker in India


What started out as a homegrown application, only 5 years ago, has now become India’s most trusted online poker application. PokerBaazi is putting Indian Poker players right up there with the who’s who of the online Poker world with its top-of-the-line features and intuitive user experience. The app now stands at par with some of the best international Poker apps and continues to revolutionize the online gaming industry. 

The success of the platform is largely owed to its ground-breaking vision of making Poker a household name in India. When many thought that online Poker could just be a concept, has not only executed it with perfection and but has also gained the one most important aspect in online gaming, trust. Furthermore, while only in its nascent stage, the app also allowed users to chat with each other while playing and make notes on specific players and color code them to differentiate between pros and amateurs. PokerBaazi, with it’s homegrown product, has been quickly adapting to the latest trends in technology to enhance the user experience.

Player notes – POKERBAAZI

It has been PokerBaazi’s constant endeavor to offer the best of experience to its user base. In their pursuit, PokerBaazi has enhanced their app at regular intervals to take its functionality, a notch higher than ever and ensure a smooth gameplay. The app made headlines when it revolutionized the way Poker is played on a mobile game by introducing the Portrait mode. The innovation was to ensure that it becomes easier for players to play at a stretch in utmost comfort. Their 1 Mn+ strong loyal community has always resonated with them and lent their support to take PokerBaazi to greater heights.

“The love for Poker and craze for innovation is why we are where we are today. Any technology or update that we introduce is solely for the love of the game. It has to impress us before we roll it out for fellow Baazigars and the idea is to keep at it to make online Poker an experience in itself,” said Avneet Rana, Co-Founder and CTO, Baazi Games.

The tech marvels behind the app are always on the lookout to make the product more advanced. From static emojis to dynamic ones and then onto the ever-evolving themes for the online tables, PokerBaazi keeps on pulling out new tricks from their bag to surprise Poker enthusiasts. 

The latest addition to their list of upgrades and enhancements is 5 Card PLO, another variant of Poker and one on the cards is OFC – Open Face Chinese Poker. Join the revolution and win real cash with India’s most trusted online poker website, PokerBaazi.

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