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PMGC 2021: India Awarded An Invitational Slot For The Grand Finals

PMGC 2021: India Awarded An Invitational Slot For The Grand Finals

In an exceptionally astounding turn of events, the versatile esports segment of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) declared that an Indian group will get the much guessed welcomed opening for the PUBG Mobile Global Championships (PMGC) 2021.

However the organisers have not declared on which premise the invitational opening will be passed out, it is profoundly theorized that the victors of the forthcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) will seal their spot in the Global Championships. The affirmed invitational opening implies that an Indian group will be seen contending at the worldwide level in the portable game interestingly since the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) in July 2020.

No Indian group had contended in the 2020 release of the PMGC on the grounds that PUBG portable was prohibited in the nation because of public safety reasons around then. This advancement comes as an enormous lift to Indian PUBG also known as BGMI experts, who were very baffled to see no group from the nation getting a space in the association phase of the USD 6 million competition.

The league stage of PMGC 2021 is to be held into two areas – East and West, with 20 groups going head to head against one another in the both regions. Following the league stages , nine groups from the Eastern area and six groups from the West will meet all requirements for the PMGC Grand Finals alongside a welcomed Indian group. While the PMGC association stage is set to be held from November 30th 2021 to December 23rd 2021, the Grand Finals is set to be held from January 21st 2022 to January 23rd 2022.


This will be the first time since the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL: 2020) that an Indian group will contend internationally. In the PMWL: East 2020, the Indian crew of OREsports got the second spot among top groups from the East district. Indian groups were not Invited to the PMGC: 2020 because of the boycott of PUBG Mobile in India during that period.

It would likewise be fascinating to observe which group gets the welcome to the finals, with the last of BGIS: 2021 (The principal Indian significant occasion since the arrival of BGMI) planned to end on the sixteenth of January 2022. A few hypotheses that the opening will go to the champ are there on the lookout, albeit no authority declaration in regards to this has been made at this point.

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