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How to Play Dragon Tiger at Online Casinos in India

How to Play Dragon Tiger at Online Casinos in India

Are you an Indian casino goer looking for the best Asian entertainment? In that case, we have got just the game for you.

Dragon Tiger is a live casino game originating in Cambodia. The principle upon which is based lies in the balance of Yin and Yang. As such there are two hands to play on – Dragon and Tiger.

This is the perfect game of luck run on RNG software. In turn, the outcome is genuinely random and unpredictable. Not being able to predetermine the results makes the game insomuch more exciting.

What Is Dragon Tiger

For the seasoned gamblers among you, listen up. Dragon Tiger is often compared with baccarat. Some punters even go as far as to call it the two-hand baccarat. Why? It’s because the rules of the two casino games are indeed similar.

Dragon Tiger in live casinos is very simple to play.

There are two hands and three bets. Therefore, players can bet on Dragon, Tiger or Tie. We will describe particularities later in the article.You don’t play against the dealer, but rather for one of the hands or a tie. Naturally, each type of bet has a different payout. The tie bet is the riskiest one with payout 1:8 and the house edge as high as 32%For comparison purposes, the house edge on Dragon/Tiger is just around 3% To put it clearly, if you don’t want to lose, do not bet on the tie.

Be that as it may, Dragon Tiger is an immersive casino title with plenty of entertainment to offer. Each round is dealt live from a casino studio by a professional, attractive female dealer.

How Do You Beat Dragon Tiger?

Gambling in India is an ongoing discussion. 

The Asian country and online gaming – both in its classic online casino form and the live dealer format – are still under construction, so to say. 

To stay safe and play at reliable live casino websites for India, players should consult expert sites only. Get informed on the matter and make sure to register with reputable and licensed online casino and live dealer operators only.

With that out of the way, let’s see how Indians can play Dragon Tiger casino game.

Although the house edge may not be on the player’s side at all times, some casino tips and tricks might help.

First of all, decrease the house advantage by staying away from the tie bet. However, if you don’t mind the two-digit house advantage and just want to have fun, go ahead. But make sure your balance is high and your budget loaded. You’ve been warned.

To win at Live Dragon Tiger, bet on either of the two main hands. Here is what a round of Dragon Tiger looks like.

Thrilling Game with Simple Rules

The game begins when you take one of the 8 seats at the Dragon Tiger table. Then, pick the values of the chips you’ll be wagering later on. The casino system will start the countdown and at this point, you should place your bet. Just set the desired amount of chips in the designated area. It’ll take you just a couple of clicks.

Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced, snappy live dealer game after all.

When the clock stops, the croupier takes two cards out of the shoe and places them face-down. One card goes to the Dragon part, whereas the second is placed next to the Tiger section.

Swiftly, the dealer turns both cards around to reveal their values. The hand with the bigger value wins the round.

King is worth the most, while the smallest value card is Ace.

If both hands end up with the same value card, this is called a tie. This type of bet pays the most because it doesn’t happen that often at all. So, if you’re willing to take that risk is up to you.

No specific betting strategy is recommended for this live casino game. It is not a game of skills, so it’s not worth the bother.

However, some bettors believe in card-counting. To be frank, this approach can be helpful in some scenarios.

For example, keeping track of how many large cards have been dealt can give you an insight into what cards are left in the shoe. We suggest trying this method out only if you are a seasoned gambler.

Closing Thoughts

The main advantage of Dragon Tiger is its snappy nature. The casino game is quick and thus saves you a lot of time.

Furthermore, the rules cannot be simpler. That’s why many Indian players opt for this title. What’s more, you need not learn any strategies in advance. Just rely on your gut feeling.

Importantly, do not chase your losses. Going after losses is a betting strategy, and we said that no betting system works perfectly with this casino game.

Whichever regulated live casino you choose, you’ll notice how comfortable it feels. Dragon Tiger caters to an enjoyable atmosphere with an Asian vibe to spice things up.

Finally, the speediness counts towards the engaging nature of the game. Dragon Tiger is captivating and will remain an Indian casino fan-favourite for years to come.

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