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Planet Zoo: South America Pack – Review

Planet Zoo: South America Pack – Review

To start off, I enjoy the building aspect of Planet Zoo first and foremost. I got this pack for the build items, as for me the animals are secondary. While I agree that four animals isn’t enough, you’ve probably heard that enough by now. I’ll instead talk about the build items.


  • Two very versatile build sets. I have wanted a bamboo set since the game came out. While I was thinking of using it in Asian themed builds, it works wonders for a tropical setting too. The addition of a third -recolourable- stone set is a must have in my opinion. Especially since there is only two other stone build sets in the game without this DLC. The stone ruins are also unique, and allow one to make interesting disheveled buildings and habitat pieces.
  • The decals are beautiful. From glowing butterfly lights to gorgeous and colourful wall accessories, this set is both unique and well made. The bench and bins are also particularly detailed and pretty, if a bit tropical-specific.
  • I love the new trees and foliage, as well as the fallen tree and root decors. You can make buildings look detailed and overgrown much easier than before. There was a huge lack of tropical flowers in planet zoo before and this pack solves that problem with a whole host of large colourful garden accessories.


  • Only two statues and no new fountains. The pack is distinctly lacking here.
  • Most of the species enrichment items are re-skins. I would have liked to have seen more enrichment items for the new animals.
  • Only four animals and a box with a frog in it.

Overall, as a builder, this pack is a big plus. You could use all of the new building sets in many different biomes and for many different scenarios. The arctic pack feels limiting to me, because I rarely use its items outside distinctly ‘Nordic’ themed buildings. The tropical foliage always felt lacking to me, but this pack makes creating a realistic tropical zoo much easier. The only thing that’s lacking is that center pieces (statues, fountains) and the themed props. For ten bucks, I feel it’s worth the price.

As a small side-note, I would suggest creating ‘build’ packs and ‘animal’ packs. The build packs add new themes and build items to the game and the ‘animal’ packs are focused on adding new animals and habitat items. People play the game for different reasons and therefore should be able to buy packs that suit their wants specifically.


Enrich your zoo with over 250 new scenery pieces inspired by the wonderfully diverse South American continent. Care for and learn about five unique new animals and craft Zoos with distinct foliage and architecture ranging from the lush greens of the Amazon basin to the heights of the Andean mountain range.

Key Features

Take A Walk On The Wild Side 
Welcome five iconic new animals from the South American region to your Zoos: the Jaguar, Llama, Capuchin Monkey, Giant Anteater, and the Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Each of these animals comes with their own set of needs and habitat requirements, and it will be up to you to keep them healthy and happy in your parks.

Over 250 New Scenery Pieces  
Create your own jungle adventure! Construct an Aztec temple park entrance, theme your habitats with treasures from civilizations past or build your very own rainforest – there are over 250 new building, scenery, and foliage pieces to choose from and get inspired by!

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