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Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack – Review

Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack – Review

Planet Zoo has been easily one of the best games of 2019, and I had been itching to get my hands on more content for the game – cue in Arctic Pack and my Winter break could not have gone better! With a lot of new additions and features, Arctic Pack rejuvenated my joy of playing Planet Zoo. New animals and environments have been added, all with their own conditions and requirements for upkeep, and the whole gameplay loop is just so satisfying.

A total of four new animals have been added – Arctic Wolf, Polar Bear, Reindeer, and Dall Sheep. Sadly, while there are Arctic biomes to create, not enough new plants and trees have been added to give the proper Arctic feel. this might be my only gripe with the DLC pack so far, otherwise there’s a lot here to invest some long hours back into building your favorite zoo.

Score – 8.5/10


Join Bernie Goodwin on an epic Arctic adventure and explore new challenges, animals, and more! Alongside two new Scenarios in which you face new challenges as a zoo manager, there are four new animals and over 200 scenery pieces to make your parks as cool as ice.

Key Features

Wondrous New Scenarios

Norway: Head over to the Scandinavian fjords of Norway to build up a remote animal sanctuary – bring new Arctic animals to your zoo, tend to their needs, and ensure their habitats are suitable!

Mexico: Expand on an existing zoo that’s looking to bring a touch of frost to its guests. Your challenge will be to keep native Arctic animals comfortable in a challenging hot climate!

Exclusive Arctic Animals

Charm and educate your zoo guests with four brand new Arctic animals: the Polar Bear, Reindeer, Arctic Wolf, and Dall Sheep – all four species come with new challenges and specific needs, so be sure to check the Zoopedia for tips on how to keep them happy and healthy.

Over 200 New Scenery Pieces

Cover your park in a blanket of snow, design an ice sculpture, or build your very own Scandinavian village – there are over 200 new building, scenery, and foliage pieces to choose from and get creative with!

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