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Pit Lord is Coming To Dota 2, Finally!

Pit Lord is Coming To Dota 2, Finally!

This year’s International has been full of surprises, with OG biting the dust, along with most of the major top tier DOTA 2 teams, and TnC emerging as rising stars. Damn my predictions! *silently weeps in corner*. And while we shudder at the thought of how the SEA servers are going to be like in near future, you know, thanks to people already claiming they’re TnC and they’ll mid and then feeding the enemy team 2-34 (can you imagine?), all hope is not lost.

At the International 6 All Star match – a friendly game between two teams randomly comprising of players from the participating teams – Valve revealed the newest addition to the DOTA 2 roster. *drum roollll* That’s right! Vrogros, the Underlord, or as the players better know him, the Pit Lord will be added to the game in an update coming on 23rd August. With this edition, DOTA 2 can finally be called feature complete, with all the heroes from the original Warcraft III mod present in the game.


For those who don’t know, Pit Lord is a tremendous utility caster. His abilities include trapping the enemy heroes in a pit, showering the enemy team with waves of fire that deal damage over time, leeching the base attack damage of the enemies when the die, and finally, opening a dark rift that acts like Boots of Travel FOR YOUR ENTIRE TEAM. Oh yes. Get a Mirana or a Riki in your team, and your foes will never see you coming. The carries are never safe farming the lanes, and supports are gonna have a hard time keeping the team vision up so they don’t get “Surprise-d Motherf***er” by the entire enemy team.

Though we know for sure that Underlord’s addition to the game will have a great impact on the present meta and the play style, but one thing remains unanswered. Now that all the heroes from the original DOTA are there, what’s next for DOTA 2? Will IceFrog design more heroes, or is this it? Unlike it’s other MOBA counterparts, DOTA 2’s business model doesn’t necessarily include addition of new heroes, and with 104 heroes being picked up at the International 6 and regular gameplay and balance updates, you might say the game is complete as it is.┬áStill, we would love to see what the team behind the biggest esports game (seriously, have you seen this year’s prize pool? More than 20 million USD!) have in store for us in the long run.

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