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PewDiePie’s Response To Wall Street Journal’s Claims Of Him Promoting Nazi Sentiments Is Spot On

PewDiePie’s Response To Wall Street Journal’s Claims Of Him Promoting Nazi Sentiments Is Spot On

After being called a Nazi and anti-Semite, by Wall Street Journal and other main stream media outlets, the great lord of YouTube, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) has responded. In an 11 minute video, the popular YouTuber, puts up an extremely strong case in his defense (which he didn’t need to since all he did was in good humor).

It all started when the Wall Street Journal put out an article trying to question PewDiePie’s videos by pointing out 9 instances in his videos that were anti-Semitic, also saying that Neo-Nazi groups were celebrating his words. This then led Disney and YouTube to sever ties with Pewds.

The vast majority of WSJ’s article, and other similar articles that came out in its wake all took his videos out of context, and ironically, some of the videos were pointing out how the media does takes things out of context, and make shitty clickbait to draw in the audience.

Here’s what PewDiePie had to say in the video-

“I want to address the biggest issue first, which I think is the whole guys holding up the sign thing,” he said. (referring to a video where he asked guys on Fiverr to hold up a sign saying “Death to Jews”). “A lot of people loved the video and a lot of people didn’t and it’s almost like two generations of people arguing if this is okay or not. My intention was just to show how stupid the website is and how far you can push it by paying $5. I’m sorry for the words that I used, as I know they offended people, and I admit the joke itself went too far,” he said.

He then went on to bash the media for taking things out of context, and called out WSJ for attacking him directly. In particular, he called out the three writers involved in the article for clearly skipping over parts of the video that said that it was all in humor, and bent his words to their will.

“I do strongly believe that you can joke about anything, but I also believe there’s a right way and not the best way to joke about things,” he argued. “I love to push boundaries but I consider myself a ‘rookie comedian.’”

He ends the video with a message to the hypocritical media by saying, “Nice try Wall Street Journal. Try again motherfuckers”

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