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Paris Game Week: 5 Games To Be Excited For

Paris Game Week: 5 Games To Be Excited For

This Year Sony skipped the Gamescom and held their big conference at Paris Game week and filled it with awesome new game trailers and news which blew people’s minds. Here are
the 5 games that you should look forward to!

Gran Turismo Sport

Yes, it’s back! Gran Turismo Sport, the latest entry in the Gran Turismo series was announced by Jim Ryan, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital. The latest entry in the franchise will have championships that players will be able to participate in, which culminate in a ceremony where winners will celebrate alongside real-world racing champions.

Gran Turismo Sport is also being developed to support PlayStation VR, Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4. A beta version of Gran Turismo will be reportedly launch in early 2016.

Robinson: The Journey


Robinson:The Journey is a title announced for the Playstaion VR and is being Developed by Crytek. In Robinson: The Journey you take on a role of a young boy who crashed on a mysterious planet, and must explore the surroundings and interact with it as there are secrets waiting to be discovered.



Boundless can be described as a Minecraft like MMO set in a single online universe, where players can hop through portals to visit other worlds. It is being developed by an Indie game developer Wonderstruck. Boundless is going to support cross-platform play so could play it with players on PC too! In Boundless, you can do countless things together or alone, such as building a zoo and charging players to visit it, hunting animals and selling the materials and loot, building stuff for other players and charging them for the work, etc. These are just some of the possibilities of what can be done in Boundless. The game is set release in late 2016 as per the official site.

Uncharted 4: Multiplayer


Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer was finally revealed at the Paris Game Week! The multiplayer trailer showed the players would be able to use ‘Mysticals’ which would allow them to use supernatural abilities for some time, sidekicks, which are friendly controlled AI that can help in the tide of the battle and last but not the least players will be able to use the grappling hook shown in the single player trailer of Uncharted 4 to move around the map and also use it to take out enemies with the help of melee attack.

Players can try out the Multiplayer thanks to the Beta which will run from December 4th to December 13th 2015. You can get access to it by purchasing The Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is set release worldwide on March 18th, 2016



Wild was revealed for the first time at Gamescom 2014 and now at Paris Game Week. Rayman creator, Michel Ancel took the stage by showing its gameplay. In Wild, players live life as a male or female Shaman who has to fight to survive the harsh environment as it is filled with poison, predators and as shown in the trailer, cannibals! The Shaman can learn to control new animals, each of different shape and size to help him in his journey. With each new animal the Shaman controls, a new tattoo is added to his body.

The Shaman will come to understand new animal types by communing with powerful animal divinities. These divinities will ask things of the shaman in exchange for their power, from making a sacrifice to living life as their animal subjects. These things will surely add a new experience to the open world of Wild. While the trailer at Paris Game Week showed off some promising gameplay, it also showed how beautiful the game looks.

So those were the main highlights from Paris Games Week. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

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