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Overwatch Is Raising The Bar For How E-Sports Needs To Be Done

Overwatch Is Raising The Bar For How E-Sports Needs To Be Done

In an interesting turn of events, Blizzard has laid down hard line rules for how Overwatch League teams are expected to treat their players.

Blizzard outlined the stipulations that  franchise heads will be required to give players one year contracts, salaries of at least $50,000, health insurance, retirement savings plans, housing during the season, and at least 50 percent of “performance bonuses,” which Blizzard defines as “money from winning playoffs and other League events.” During season one, those winnings will amount to a total of $3.5 million, with a minimum of $1 million awarded to the champion team. Blizzard’s post does not, however, mention revenue from merchandise or anything of that nature.


Blizzard also filled in the silhouettes surrounding a couple other key elements of its esports operation. It noted that players won’t be restricted by region in any way, so for example, American teams will be able to hire Korean players, assuming they can provide them with all the aforementioned healthcare options and amenities.

This is a strange change of events in gaming. Well still I don’t think this is the most weirdest news this week.

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