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Overwatch Game Director Says Loot Box Drop Rates Haven’t Changed

Overwatch Game Director Says Loot Box Drop Rates Haven’t Changed

The drop rates for the loot boxes in Overwatch have been in question since the beginning. Last year, a Reddit user called Ourobouros attempted to calculate the probability of obtaining a legendary item from these loot boxes. Once again, the evident lack of decent drops in the loot boxes has the people wondering about the team-based competitive shooter’s drop rates.

One user on the forum with the name Rhade says, “I’ve opened maybe 20, got two skins, and got three legendaries that were duplicates and not part of the event. I opened less in the christmas event and got more skins.” The same was said by another user KillANDKill, “Opened about 20-25 boxes and only got Mei legendary and Junk epic. Dunno if I was unlucky or blizz tweak the RNG for loot box.” The suspicions have been raised so much that game director Jeff Kaplan had to respond himself, where he replied that the drop rates for the Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and Year of the Rooster events are in fact, all the same and nothing has been tampered with.

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