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Overwatch To Finally Get A Server Browser

Overwatch To Finally Get A Server Browser

In the latest developer update, Game Director Jeff Kaplan announced what seems to be the biggest news related to Overwatch: A server browser for the game is finally on the way.

The browser will help you choose from a list of custom games running in each region, with a variety of filters and sorting options. It also allows the players to have their own public or private game servers. “The majority of our players like to play the game through Quick Play and Competitive. And then a lot of our players engage with the Arcade as well, and the different modes that are running in the Arcade,” Kaplan says. “But there are a lot of times where players want to try different things, and play the game in different ways, and it’s not really viable for us to put up a matchmaking system where we can feed everybody into everybody’s different possible custom games.”

The possibility of a server browser was first mentioned last summer. Right now the browser server is testing on the Overwatch PTR, and will likely undergo some changes before it makes its way to the main client.

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