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Overwatch Characters Made Of LEGO Blocks! Because….Why Not?

Overwatch Characters Made Of LEGO Blocks! Because….Why Not?

A LEGO builder, who goes by the name of Piggy Brother is recreating Overwatch characters using LEGO blocks, and the results look incredible.

The above video shows a part of his work. Piggy Brother has worked on quite a few of the heroes, creating LEGO models of Bastion, Reaper, Mercy, Tobjorn, Pharah, Soldier 76, Genji, Reinhardt, D.Va AND her MEKA suit. All of these have working joints, allowing them to be posed however you would like them to. In addition to that, Bastion’s model is capable of transforming into the sentry form, and D.Va can ACTUALLY FIT INSIDE THE MEKA. How cool is that?

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Photo and Video Credits: Piggy Brother

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