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Oure – Review

Oure – Review

Announced and released at Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week 2017, Oure is the new game by Heavy Spectrum. At a glance it’s reminiscent of games like Journey, Rime, and even a little bit of Shadow of the Colossus, and in many ways it sits among the same category of games.

You play as a girl with the power of dragons, who seeks to revive ancient powers. You soar across the skies in search of Titans who can restore life to the land that been overshadowed with misery and gloom. It’s a vague yet intriguing premise, and the game soon sets you free to discover its secrets.

For the most part of the game you’ll be soaring across the skies seeking your objectives. The controls take a while to get used to, but are intuitive and feel good. The game has a vibrant color palette, and everything looks beautiful and serene.

You find huge structure in the skies that need to be activated in order to  summon the Titans, and here the game involves some simple yet interesting puzzles. The Titans themselves act as boss fights, but the game itself is non-violent, and you’ll be engaging with a sequence of puzzles. The Titans themselves are fascinating and massive, and quite the sight to behold.

None of the puzzles are overly complex, it’s mostly a case of figuring out the solution quickly and then putting the pieces together. What kept me engaged were the beautiful visual design and the fantastic sound design.

There are some camera issues, as is common in games with weighty flight movements. It’s nothing too problematic, but can get occasionally frustrating.

Oure is definitely for those who enjoyed games like Rime and Journey, and might even attract those who felt that the other games did not have as much player involvement. The story is interesting, but never has the same emotional impact as the games it will be compared to. However, it’s still a moving experience that’s very much enjoyable.

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