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Observer: System Redux – Review

Observer: System Redux – Review

Anyone that has been into gaming for the past few years clearly knows Observer. As a fantastic dystopian thrilling adventure, the game left us all impressed by its story and aesthetics. There was however, a lot which was left behind, and in that regard Observer: System Redux fulfills every aspect, including in the technical department.

But let’s not get ourselves in the optimization just yet, because first I want to assure everyone that no story-related detail was altered or manipulated. System Redux remasters what was already present. This is obviously good, as the story itself was already top-tier, revealing a world where augmented electronics embed in the human body created an easier but also tougher verdict for citizens.

We play as Dan Lazarski, an observer, part of a police task force with an amazing ability: The permit to hack and invade suspects’ minds, and relive their memories. The year is 2084, but it seems no one has ever left the 80’s, instead, they improved it, delivering a retro-futuristic cyberpunk reality where technology fuses with the human body.

For detective Lazarski this was a typical day until a phone call changed things, turning it into a personal quest, across digital demons, psychological choices and flesh that still bleeds as it always did despite the metal in it. One of the aspects which I really like is how the whole game is set in a building compartment. One would think such design would limit players, or even create barriers for the plot, but no.

The narrative and placement of events are just good, almost like a fantastic movie you can’t stop going through it, until you decipher all the events. Each room, each tenant and each side-quest delivers more information about a world you can’t stop diving with full curiosity. if by some strange and bizarre reason the story doesn’t convince you, maybe the visuals will.

This time, visuals and optimization have to be described almost at the same time. It’s no doubt Observer: System Redux ets itself for the future, aiming at next gen GPU’s but also, keeping it cool for what should now be standard hardware. Some options that were previously only tweaked through the .ini files can now be chosen directly in the game’s menu.

Chromatic Aberration, Field of View, Ultra-widescreen and increased Frame Rate are just some of the options that were adjusted to fit the new demands. It’s now much easier to enjoy the game if you’re having a low tier card, or even medium. In my case, with a RX 580, and by disabling special effects, chromatic aberration, and adjusting shadows, I can almost keep stable 60fps with everything else on Ultra.

Visually the game definitely delivers an improvement, but maintains the same structure you came to know very well from the original. Character models are solid, and the same can be said about effects, lights and scenery.

With no impact on the gameplay, and absolutely no compromises when it comes to visual quality, Observer: System Redux is definitely a welcoming remaster. If you never had the chance to play it, now it’s impossible not to.

Score – 9/10

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