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NVIDIA unleashes GeForce Experience 2.0 with 337.50 driver update

GeForce Experience 2.0

Our friends at NVIDIA have released a sparkling new driver update (337.50 Beta drivers) which brings in a slew of features. We’ve covered them in brief below and yes lot of exciting news PC gamers so gear up =)

NVIDIA beta driver boosts performance ‘up to 64%’ in DirectX games

New Drivers, New GeForce Experience Released

In NVIDIA’s ongoing effort to provide an unmatched gaming experience they’ve released new drivers that are built on the DirecX11 industry standard to offer dramatically enhanced performance and releasing a new version of GeForce experience that’s packed with new features.

New Drivers

The new 337.50 Beta driver dramatically enhances the efficiency of the DirectX 11 driver to offer up to 71% faster gaming performance. Since these optimizations are made using DirectX, they can apply to an extremely wide variety of different titles.

Looking at some of the most popular titles being played today, we see some significant performance gains. Call of Duty: Black Ops II will run 20% faster, Sleeping Dogs will run 31% faster, and Alien vs. Predator, Total War: Rome 2, and Sniper Elite v2 will all run more than 40% faster.

DirectX 11 will continue to be the graphics API powering the hottest titles throughout 2014. As we get closer to the end of the year, we’ll be seeing what developers will be capable of with a preview release of DirectX 12. With all DX11 GeForce GPUs (Fermi, Kepler, and Maxwell) offering support for the DX12 API, GeForce owners are in the ideal position to enjoy the top titles today, as well as the hottest new titles on the horizon.

GeForce Experience 2.0

Coming alongside the new 337.50 Beta drivers, GeForce Experience 2.0 now includes the ability to optimize more than 150 games.

GeForce 2.0 now brings two signature features to notebooks for the first time: Shadowplay – which allows gamers to capture their gaming exploits with little hit to frame rates — and GameStream – which allows gamers to stream games and enjoy them on the go.
Desktop gamers will also get the ability to capture the action on their full desktop, gamers can customize how their GameStreams are encoded, and gamers will get the ability to stream their games to SHIELD at home or on the go (see earlier post on SHIELD OTA).

Here is a summary in pictures.

Visit for more details on both the 337.50 driver release and GeForce Experience 2.0.

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