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Now Get Custom-Made Glasses For Virtual Reality Headsets

Now Get Custom-Made Glasses For Virtual Reality Headsets

A lot of gamers wear glasses while gaming, including me. And with the arrival of VR gaming, a lot of us wondered how are we going to wear the headset with the glasses? We don’t want to experience a blurry VR world, now do we?

Well, a new Kickstarter campaign just might have a solution for us. Introducing VR Lens Lab, a Germany based campaign/project which can build glasses for your virtual reality headset inside your virtual reality headset.

From their Kickstarter page “Right now, if users don’t wear contact lenses with their VR headsets, they are expected to somehow squeeze their glasses inside the unit. This can become uncomfortable when your temples come under sustained pressure from headset straps or when the nose pads of your glasses are pressed heavily against your face. In some cases the lens of the VR headset can rub against your glasses scratching both lenses. That is a big problem.

With VR Lens Lab, we have created easy-to-use glasses for your headset that you can simply leave within the headset. It is virtual reality eyewear just not for you but your VR headset.With our glasses for VR headsets, you can finally enjoy a full field of vision and protect your headset’s lenses from dust and scratches. You no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses to enjoy virtual reality experiences with razor-sharp and super-crisp graphics.“



Currently they only offer the glasses/adapters with or without plano (non rx) lenses.

It is great to see someone taking an initiative for gamers who wear glasses, after all everyone should enjoy the VR experience as completely as possible

It also seems unlikely that these guys will blow our money up on booze and getting laid. Ant simulator devs anyone? *shudders*

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