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No Dedicated Star Wars Chat Box For PC Or Consoles

No Dedicated Star Wars Chat Box For PC Or Consoles

Earlier today EA has confirmed that there will be no in-game chat system for PC or Console users, however Console users can make use of in-game chat box. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can get through this via built-in Party Mode option. Meanwhile Dice has announced that PC users can use any third party application which could support the chat system.

A 40-man battlefront mode will obviously need a chat box and voice over could add some benefit to it. Origin and other third party applications on PC will surely help Battlefront players. In addition PCs have many third party software and VoIP options which could favor them, unlike consoles doesn’t.

Meanwhile Star Wars: Battlefront Beta has come to an end today and through these six days over 9 million of people have played across all platforms, making it biggest beta ever in EA’s history. EA has announced that their will be atleast 4 expansions provided to players with $50 DLC pass, that’s the best news we have till now from EA.

No additional information is listed or announced from EA sports Star Wars team, Keep checking back for more news on Gaming.

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