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Should Next Max Payne Game Be A Sequel, Prequel Or A Reboot?

Should Next Max Payne Game Be A Sequel, Prequel Or A Reboot?

The Max Payne series was one of the best third person shooter ever. It charmed the payers with its satisfying, rewarding and flawless gameplay back in 2001 on PlayStation 2. The series seemed to have concluded in 2003 with Max Payne 2, but out of the blue in 2012, it returned with Max Payne 3. After full 9 years, Rockstar came out with Max Payne 3 and awed the gamers.

This got me thinking; should the next Max Payne game be a Sequel, Prequel or a Reboot? It is worth noting that there is not even a rumour, forget about the official word, about the development of the next Max Payne game.

It is plausible that Rockstar has decided to another decade-long break from the series and come out with a Max Payne 4 in the future. But again, that seems far-fetched and uncalled for. Organisations like Rockstar do plan ahead, but not a decade ahead.

So should Rockstar reboot Max Payne for the next-gen consoles? That does sound like a fair idea. Many of us haven’t played the original Max Payne. It would be nice to re-discover the game from its roots with the modern graphics and mechanics.

Then there is also an option for a prequel. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a prequel that reveals the story before the original game, but could also pounder upon the events between Max Payne 2 and 3.

Be it a sequel, prequel or even a reboot, we are all pumped up for a new Max Payne game.

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