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New Xbox One Preview Update Expanding In Next 24 Hours

New Xbox One Preview Update Expanding In Next 24 Hours

Xbox One is rolling out its newest update in November and in the mean time Xbox has announced for a preview program in September for limited members to try it out, however Xbox is expanding its preview program to users who has opted in to the NXOE. The new Xbox One experience is a long list of changes and new features of which backward compatibility is the most notable.

“Goal is within next 24 or so hours everyone who opted in for NXOE will be in.” Mike Ybarra, Director of program management for Xbox One said on twitter.

Earlier this week Xbox One experience updates were started marching on, with the most recent build delivering controller remapping and various other improvements. Microsoft has introduced a new feature accessible via the Xbox One preview dashboard. The new Beta Games and Apps section will provide insiders with access to in-development content for Xbox One. The first app to feature in the new section is the Community Calendar app, which provides a way to keep track of various events Xbox fans may find relevant, all in a single place.

If you’re in the NXOE preview, you can access the new Community Calendar using the following steps:

  • Navigate to Games and Apps
  • Select the Xbox Preview Dashboard app
  • Click on the new Beta Games and Apps tile
  • Redeem access to the new Community Calendar, and then download it

While the calendar isn’t populated with a great deal of content right now, some of the tiles in the Calendar are ‘sponsored’ by third parties. The New Xbox One update will make your device faster and easier, get more social and the revamped OneGuide aims to be the one destination you need for TV, movies, and video apps.

New Xbox One update will be available for all users who opted in for NXOE within 24 hours and remaining Xbox users will receive their update in November, though Microsoft hasn’t announced a particular date for it.

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