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Batman Arkham Developers Working On New Game, More Details Coming Soon

Batman Arkham Developers Working On New Game, More Details Coming Soon

We’ve all seen countless rumours and posts about a new Batman Arkham game be it the Origins sequel or even the Batman Beyond game but it was all speculation and rumours based on “leaks” from people on Reddit.  However, we finally have confirmation that Rocksteady is working on a game and that when they’ll reveal it, it will blow people’s minds.


From the tweet above it’s safe to say that they’re working on something big and ambitious. My money is on either a Superman game or a Justice League game but mainly something in the DC Universe. Chances are that I’m absolutely wrong with my guesses but that won’t really matter when they announce their new title.  If it indeed is either the Superman or JL game it will be very interesting to see how they tackle the different issues with both those titles, from Superman being way too powerful to the different gameplay techniques that will be needed to be implemented to fit each character of the JL.

Gaz didn’t give us any hints as to when they’d announce their new title but I have a feeling they’ll do so during the PlayStation Experience convention in December or maybe even before. It’s safe to say that all of us Arkham fans are extremely excited to see what Rocksteady is going to do next and cannot wait for the official announcement of their next game.

What do you think about this tweet and what game do you think they should make? Let us know in the comments below and register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

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