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New Game “Project X” Offers 400 Player Battle Royale Matches

New Game “Project X” Offers 400 Player Battle Royale Matches

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegorunds took the world by the storm, becoming one of the most popular and widely played game within months of release. Leaving titles like DOTA 2 and CS:GO in the dust, it went on to become the most played game on Steam.

Now, it seems we have a new contender. And honestly it sounds like something better. I’m talking about a game codenamed Project X, being developed by Automaton, a UK based studio. This game offers 400-player Battle Royale matches on a massive 12km x 12km map. The scale is much bigger than PUBG, which currently has 100 people fighting out for the winning spot across an 8x8km map. That’s a direct 4x increase in player count.

On one hand this game could turn out to be the biggest (literally) Battle Royale title, but on the other it seems like another addition to an already kinda saturated genre. Following PUBG’s success, Epic Games themselves released a free-to-play battle royale version of their new game Fortnite. And this is in addition to titles which have already been present in the genre for years. In its defense, however, Project X does plan to have some additional features, including “destruction, roaming wildlife, dynamic weather, foliage displacement, tracks, blood trails, fire and water. Also intended is character progression, social hubs and a “global-scale player-driven narrative”(according to Eurogamer)”.

Project X is set to release sometime in 2018.

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