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New Leak About Assassin’s Creed Origins Reveals More Information (RUMOUR)

New Leak About Assassin’s Creed Origins Reveals More Information (RUMOUR)

Believe it or not, there’s another leak about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed title. Like the previous ones, this one seem to originated on 4Chan. There are no new screenshots, in images, but it does reveal some details about the game.


Let’s get this party started.

– The ‘leaked’ screenshots are both real, though they were not released by accident. The one image that was released months ago with the guy stood in front of an open passageway is a very, very old screenshot. Since then however, the devs have changed the player model to the one seen in the most recent ‘leaked’ screenshot of the guy on the boat.

– The most recent ‘leak’ is taken from the demo you’ll see at E3. The demo will start on a small island and introduce the main character and the return of sailing. The demo mission is to, as seen in the screenshot, kill ‘The Crocodile’. Once you get to the area he’s in, they’ll show off the new scouting mechanic – the eagle. That’s followed by the new combat, equipment/weapon system and finally the assassination.

– There are no towers in the game. You’ll use the eagle companion to scout the map from anywhere (there’s a limit to how far away you can go from the protagonist) for side-activities and points of interest. Placeholder name for the Eagle is ‘Akhom’.

– All characters speak English, like in Unity. The new Animus has ‘perfected any translation issues that the previous versions struggled with’.

– New Animus, called Animus 5.0. User sits down in it, none of this ‘moving around like your ancestor’ stuff the movie tried to introduce.

– New modern day protagonist who’s a male. Already a trained Assassin. Rebecca, Shaun and William will all make appearances, but the modern-day protagonist will have a new team to help him accomplish his mission (given by William).

– Devs have fully focused on story. No multiplayer, as the other leaker explained. Not even a companion app or any of that rubbish. However, there will be micro-transations similar to those seen in Black Flag and Rogue.

– You’ll be able to put your hood up or down whenever you feel like it.

We can’t really be sure about how reliable the source is, so take it with a grain of salt. But we wouldn’t be surprised if we get to see more leaks soon, or even if Ubisoft itself decides to release some official news about the game. Stay tuned for updates.

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