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Netflix Finally Launching In India

Netflix Finally Launching In India

The wait is over for Indian audiences, as online streaming giant Netflix is coming to India. If reports are to be believed, the service will be launched in India as early as next week.

The popular on-demand service which has already entered Asian markets by plans to establish its presence in Singapore and Hong Kong, is expected to make the announcement in the Consumer Electronic Show, which will be held in Las Vegas next week, NDTV reports.

Netflix has been ardently providing brilliant new original content, and is one of the major online streaming service for popular TV shows and movies.  It carries most of the TV sitcoms, and movies. The online streaming service has contracts with a number of TV networks and movie companies to stream their content online. In 2011, Netflix started acquiring original content, such as House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and also some movies.


With the emergence of 4G and deeper penetration of high speed broadband connectivity in India, the nation, specially the youth, is consuming a majority of it’s daily entertainment/news content online. And many of us are aware of the amazing shows that we keep missing out on, while the same old sludge of ‘saas-bahu’ melodrama keeps iterating on local TV networks. It’s high time that we got a breathe of fresh new international content, and the launch of Netflix will surely bring that about.

Plus, it’ll help curb the rampant piracy in the country, with easier access to TV content at affordable prices. Oh, and also finally Indians will get to upgrade from ‘Doordarshan and Eyeing-The Padosan’, and enjoy the, now classic, ‘Netflix And Chill’ 😉

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