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All you need to know About Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires

All you need to know About Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires

Developed by IGG, Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires is a strategy RPG game, released in 2016. One of the top-grossing games on both App Store as well as Google Play, the game received multiple awards and is played by over 200 million gamers worldwide.


Lords Mobile is a combination of real-time strategy, open world role-playing and a mechanics that involves world building. There are several modes, the most interesting being PVP battles. Players are required to build and upgrade their base and army in order to attack the enemy’s base, seize their resources after destroying the base and capture their leaders.

Although players can only attack enemies belonging to their kingdom, in multiplayer mode, otherwise known as Kingdom War, all game servers are open to attack. In time, players can also participate in boss battles and attack monsters, defeating who earns them a huge reward.

There are 40 main characters in the game (Heroes) who are categorized based on Agility, Strength, and Intelligence. All of them are unique with their personalized skills, designs, and backstory. Strategically the player is needed to upgrade the heroes in order to progress throughout the game. As a player, you can purchase most of the heroes via in-game merchandise whereas few heroes can be obtained only after you complete the Hero Stages.


Let’s see what gameplay modes are offered once you complete the tutorial

  • Hero Stages – You have to fight and progress through challenges using the heroes whom you purchased. Completing a stage rewards you with a new hero, bonus XP as well as equipment materials.
  • Colosseum – The most exciting multiplayer PVP mode, where you can select up to 5 heroes and participate in a battle against another player. Victories will reward you with ranking in the Colosseum and the premium currency of the game (Gems).
  • Labyrinth – In this mode you can challenge a boss, defeating whom will reward you with resources and occasionally, a huge amount of gems.

What We Liked About the Game

Well, this is entirely my personal opinion, the PVP battles offer an almost same experience like many other games. What I liked more is the Hero Stages. The army is led by the hero unit. The player can also take their hero group and participate in side quests. You can form a hero team by combining heroes with multiple abilities and strategically utilizing the ability of each hero will help you in finishing the stage easily, earning huge rewards. 

All the battles occur in real time, where you need to summon special abilities where you need them the most. This is what makes this game unique. Because Hero Stages are only a side quest. The main focus of the game is building your base and defeating the enemies. It made me happy because I was actively participating in battles instead of going through the boring stage of building a base and upgrading the buildings.

What We Disliked
First of all, the enormous tutorial is kind of a turn-off. When you start the game, it guides you through the menus, with multiple repetitive items. You will face a battle, but it will disappoint you since, during the tutorial stage, the battle is played automatically. Once it ends, you get back to the boring stage of building and upgrading tutorials.

A time came when I stopped caring about the details and went directly to the upgrade button and then the free button to instantly finish the upgrades. This activity is common in many games but in Lords Battle, it is kind of excessive.

The developers need to understand that there are several games which players have already played and are familiar with building and upgrading. Minimizing the tutorial will make the game a lot interesting, otherwise, players who are less patient will soon uninstall the game after a dozen upgrade tutorials. Most people play lords mobile on pc for added benefits or check out games you can play on low end computers –

Apart from that, I really liked Lords Mobile because of the way how the side quests make this game a lot more entertaining. Once you get on with it, you will forget the main quest of upgrading your base and attacking other players and very soon get busy with defeating the monsters and participating in hero stages. The developers are only required to trim the lengthy tutorial section and the game will be more grossing than it already is.

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