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NBA 2K15 Review

NBA 2K15 Review

Annual sports video game producers have an upheaval task of finding things to improve in their gameplay every year. EA works hard on FIFA to compete with Konami who give them a run for their money with PES. 2K has does a good job with the game in terms of moving it forward and showcasing what it really can offer. However, there are some changes that are glaringly bad and some which proved to be an asset.




The gameplay is solid as ever, though the issue of assigned target players being switched during plays was present in 2K14 and sadly remains in the next installment of the game. The game play controls haven’t really gone through any major overhauls as such, in fact are fairly similar to its predecessors’ and  remain more or less the same, including having the option of shooting using the right analog while defending is mainly handled with the right analog. Also featured are dynamic goals where the coach gives you a target to achieve while playing a match.


One aspect of the game that is quite widely used is the MyCareer mode. The story seems to be filled with much more content and the relationships you maintain with your team members is much more rounded, with things like players issuing challenges over social media.

An interesting addition is the chemistry affected by interactive cutscenes between your payer and the others during the post game conferences.



Looks wise this games kills it. The game is absolutely beautiful with bright colors and well done player animations. During cutscenes when players speak, the lips read out what the players are saying which visually is quite pleasing and only adds to it being an amazing looking game. And like in FIFA’15 where you get to see the stadium you are about to play in, you get actual air footage of the city you’re playing in before you being a match.


Even though the commentary has recycled lines from last year, it still remain top-class and complements the gameplay well. There is also 2K’s Real Voice system where real life interviews with players are used during half time or post game. This brings a sense of realism and makes the the even more aesthetically pleasing.


One of the things that worked against this game and that was not discussed at large during its release was that it requires an online connection to play any game if you’ve started a save while you’re online. This is something that should have been talked about or explained clearly prior to its release.



The game looks as beautiful as ever with an amazingly vast improved MyCareer mode. Like I mentioned the commentary only adds to the overall experience of the game and makes it a real treat to play. However the major let down is the micro-transactions and the need for an internet connection. Having said all this, it still is the best basketball game out there.

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