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MSI to Trigger PC Gaming Craze at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016

MSI to showcase awesome Gaming PC's and Laptops at Computex 2016

There is always much to anticipate at the annual tech extravaganza COMPUTEX TAIPEI. A world leader in high-end gaming hardware and a mainstay at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, MSI is back with a slew of fully capable gaming machines and components this year. “MSI goes above and beyond to present unprecedented gaming innovations. We are proud to present COMPUTEX TAIPEI visitors with iconic, futuristic gaming rigs that can potentially change the way they game and work,” says Eric Kuo, MSI Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing.

On display at the MSI booth will be high-end, VR-optimized MSI GT83/GT73 Titan SLI gaming laptops, groundbreaking Aegis Series gaming desktop, top-performing Gaming 27/24 Series gaming AIOs, highly-appraised gaming motherboards, gaming graphics cards, gaming peripherals, etc. Visitors will also be expecting a rich array of award-winning MSI GAMING Series, including COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2016 winner GS63 Stealth Pro gaming laptop, COMPUTEX d&i awards 2016 winners GS73 gaming laptop and Vortex gaming desktop. Plus, MSI is kicking eSports experiences up a notch by offering exciting opportunities for visitors to delve deep into VR gaming worlds. Be part of our show to experience the ultimate in VR gaming!

Here’s the scoop on what you can expect this year from MSI GAMING at COMPUTEX TAIPEI.


MSI GS63 Stealth Pro, the COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2016 Winner

Weighing just 1.9kg, GS63 Stealth Pro is the COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2016 winner and the world’s lightest gaming laptop that packs a powerful cooling system, extreme computing performance and outstanding gaming features into a 17.7mm ultra slim chassis. The Cooler Boost Trinity on GS63 consists of a total of 5 heatpipes and enhanced Whirlwind Blade fans for effective and silent heat dissipation. Moreover, dual thermal modules make sure that Core i7 6700HQ and GTX970M level graphics are well taken care of independently to ensure maximum gaming performance.


MSI GT83/GT73 Titan SLI, the New Era of VR SLI Platform

MSI GT83 Titan SLI and GT73 Titan SLI are the latest SLI platform design and both fulfill the highest VR Ready standards. The GT83 Titan SLI has an enhanced Cherry MX mechanical keyboard with multi-color backlighting by SteelSeries. Supporting high-end GTX980 SLI graphics, it is ready to power all VR gears on the market. Better yet, MSI Matrix Display technology supports Surround View Mode, 4K output and up to 3 external displays, delivering an immersive, true-to-life gaming experience.
The lightest mobile SLI platform, MSI GT73 Titan SLI supports dual GTX 980M SLI graphics, faster than a single GTX 980 graphics chip. Remarkable graphical power makes the GT73 Titan SLI a powerful VR gaming laptop as well as an awesome machine to play games at 4K settings under 3-monitor Surround View Mode.


MSI GS73, the COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2016 Winner

MSI GS73 utilizes high density aluminum alloy to form the main body. The delicate brushed metal mixed with elegant full-arc shape evolves new gaming style. With mobile GTX 970M level graphics and Cooler Boost Trinity cooling solution, the GS73 reliably delivers stellar performance in the heat of battle. Moreover, it comes equipped with powerful gaming features, including SteelSeries gaming keyboard, SteelSeries Engine 3 software, True Color Technology, ESS SABRE HiFi Audio, Nahimic Audio Enhancer and more, all in an ultra slim chassis.



Experience Greater Mobility in Virtual Reality with MSI Backpack PC

MSI unveils a breathtaking Backpack PC powered by high-end Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® extreme level GTX980 graphics card. Free from the restraint of a fixed VR platform, users get to move around and enjoy VR with big movements and total immersion. No more worries about accidently unplugging the wires between the VR device and the platform. MSI Backpack PC renders greater mobility and freedom for VR gaming.


MSI Vortex, the COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2016 Winner

Potent yet small, the MSI Vortex is only about 6.5L and comes packed with a desktop Intel® processor, dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 SLI graphics for incredibly smooth gaming experiences, and a 360° Silent Storm Cooling design for superior performance under the most intense gaming sessions.


Harness the Power of Gaming with Aegis Series Gaming Desktop

The latest MSI Aegis Series gaming desktop packs a powerful unlocked Intel® Core™ K-series Processor and exclusive overclocking capabilities into a breathtaking 19.6L case. With just a simple push of the Dragon Button on the front, the system speed and performance get amped up 15%.

Featuring the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics, the Aegis can easily handle any graphically intense games as well as the upcoming Virtual Reality games. A special HDMI connector for VR is equipped on the front of the case for easy, quick connection and access of the VR device.

Built to be the ultimate defense and attack platform, the Aegis is designed with a host of gaming features, including Military Class components, Super RAID 4 for up to 3,300 MB/s high speed transmission, Killer LAN solution that makes sure fast and stable network connection for gaming, exclusive Silent Storm Cooling 2 solution to ensure a cool and silent operation, etc.


Immersive Gaming with Upgraded MSI Gaming All-in-One PCs

MSI is showing a whole pack of Gaming All-in-One PCs, featuring the latest Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 processors, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M and GTX 970M/980M graphics and a rich array of gaming features specifically designed to deliver the best gaming experience.


For the best possible audio output quality when competing online, the latest Gaming 27 and Gaming 24 series feature Nahimic Audio Enhancer, benefitting gaming not only with virtual surround sound, frequency leveler and bass boost, but also with noise reduction and voice leveler when gaming with a headphone. For MSI Gaming 24, the GTX 960M GPU and Wide Viewing Angle technology offer staggering graphics for gameplay. The Gaming 24 with 4K panel (3840x2160p) additionally makes for a complete PC solution for 4K video editing and encoding.

Gaming_24T_foot_stand_MSI-04To top it off, all mentioned new Gaming All-in-One PCs come with Killer Game Networking, Headset Master Technology, Super RAID 4 functionality and will be bundled with a 1 year Premium license of XSplit Gamecaster, for gamers who want to show off their skills to the whole world.


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