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More Variants Of The Xbox One Might Be Coming This E3

More Variants Of The Xbox One Might Be Coming This E3

According to Brad Sams, an writer and games journalist reported on his podcast that he’s been privy to information (“sitting on for a while”) regarding the Xbox and it’s plan for E3 and the future. While Microsoft has not confirmed any of Sam’s claims as of yet, he has been know to hive out information that has previously been confirmed, including the Xbox One Elite Controller.

First off, he claims that a compact version of the Xbox One is on the way, called the Xbox Mini, which cay very well be true given that the PS3 and the Xbox 360 did similar things. A more interesting reveal would be two streaming devices supposedly on the way, one oriented towards apps and games, while the other is more of a Chromecast alternative, each being priced approximately $175 and $100 respectively.

An Xbox One with 4K capability, or 4K-apable, is also set to be revealed, though the 4K part applies to video playback and not games. All of this comes at the heel of Microsoft announcing its plans for a making the Xbox One a platform service, and not just a console. This has been already demonstrated when they brought Quantum Break and Forza to the PC, both of which were expected to be Xbox exclusives.

It’s hard to predict if this is the direction Microsoft needs to take to to attain success in the gaming territory, and all of this is still rumor and speculation until E3 comes and we get some official confirmations.

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